Frequently Asked DAILY DEAL Questions


Where are your classes located?


Desert Tumbling in Peoria (21501 N 78th Ave, Suite 105, Peoria, AZ 85382)


What are the days and times of your classes?



T/TH 5:00AM CARDIO HIIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)



How long is each class?

Our classes run just about an hour, sometimes less.


I noticed on your website you offer a FREE CLASS option. Can I sign up for that AND use my daily deal promotion too?

Sorry, no two offers can be combined at Balanced Body Bootcamp – this includes our FREE CLASS option.


Are there showers at any of your facilities?

There are no showers at our location. There are bathrooms at our indoor locations.


I’m 40 (50, 60) years old and I have 40+ pounds to lose. Do you think I could do your program and not collapse?

We modify all exercises and intensities to fit any fitness level. One of our strongest participants is 55 years old and is doing fabulously. As long as you have no major injuries or joint problems, we can work with you. Just be sure to let your instructor know prior to starting about any injuries or limitations you have. And be SURE to get a heart rate monitor as that is how we will measure much of your intensity. As long as you make it to every class, follow our nutrition guidelines and work hard, you will lose the weight!


Do people really LOVE your program?

It’s crazy but true… we take pride in how we nurture camaraderie and teamwork and before long, these women will be your friends. And, it’s amazing how getting through a tough bootcamp workout at 5:30 in the morning really energizes and motivates you for the rest of your day!  But, take a look at our testimonials page to read for yourself. We’re very proud of our program!


What are the age requirements? Can a 12 year old sign up with a parent?

Our program is not for children. You have to be 18 years or older to participate.


I noticed it says online registration required. How much is the registration and are there any other fees involved?

There is no cost to register for our classes, you just need to register on our website to secure your spot. Once you purchase your daily deal, you will be sent your voucher which will include specific instructions on how to register for an upcoming class (you cannot just show up to our classes, you must use our online registration system).


I am very interested in signing up, but my work hours vary. If I sign up, am I able to attend any of your sessions as long as I make 3 sessions each week? Or if I choose a class at 5:30 am, can I only attend that session?

For your daily deal purchase, we ask that you commit to one class and attend those days and times.  However, we can work with you if your schedule changes and you need to shift around a bit.  After your TRAIL (Groupon) membership, you will have the option of joining our program and in addition to monthly memberships we also offer class packages.  This is most convenient for people who’s schedules change or who travel frequently.


Do you offer child care?

Sorry, we don’t have childcare.


Is it okay to do other types of exercise (like running, weights, etc.) while doing bootcamp 3 times a week?

We would encourage doing any sort of cardio (running, hiking, biking, swimming) or yoga on your non-bootcamp days. We don’t recommend doing strength training or other bootcamp type workouts on your non-bootcamp days because it won’t give your muscles enough time to recover.


Do I need to bring anything?

Yes!  You will need to bring to each class water, a towel and good running or cross training shoes.

For our BOOTCAMP classes you will also need to bring 2 sets of hand weights, one light and one heavy (depending on your fitness level, this could be 5-lbs or 8-lbs for your light weight and 10-lbs or 12-lbs for your heavy weight).  You can purchase your weights from our online store.  When you get stronger, you will need to increase your weights in order to continue to see results.  You won’t need to bring weights for our CARDIO HIIT classes.

It is also STRONGLY encouraged that you wear a heart rate monitor (also available for purchase from our online store). This is how you will monitor your intensity throughout the workouts AND see how many calories you’re burning at bootcamp.


I am interested in this offer, however I will not be able to attend for 2 months. Will this be a problem if I purchase now and register later?

No, you have at least 4 months to use your daily deal voucher with us (check your deal for specific expiration dates) and we usually post signups on our website 2-4 months in advance. We advise signing up as soon as possible so you can secure your spot in a future class because they fill up fast!


What is the normal price of your program, in case I want to continue after my first month is complete?

Our normal monthly rate is $199 for 3 days a week and $135 per month for 2 days a week, however we extend a BIG discount for our daily deal customers to continue on with us after their first month. If you choose the right package, our program costs less than $10 per class!


We want to ensure you get the best experience possible so please don’t forget to secure your spot on our website as soon as you get your voucher. Any other questions can be directed to


  1. Gabby Aparicio
    December 11, 2012, 4:33 pm

    I was considering on buying a groupon for 12 sessions, but with the locations listed and times provided I would only be able to make it on wednesdays. Could I do it once a week for 12 weeks?

  2. Avatar of Kristen Poczulp
    December 11, 2012, 7:43 pm

    Hi Gabby,

    Unfortunately, you must use all the sessions in 4 weeks. So, you could buy the Groupon and come every Wednesday for 4 weeks. Even at that price, it’s still a bargain. Hope this helps!

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